Annual General Meeting 2013.
The minutes

The meeting opened at 7-30pm and the Chairman welcomed representatives from clubs participating in the league Sherdons were a little late).

In his opening remarks Rodway were congratulated on retaining the league championship with The Orchard once again the runners up. The Chairman’s day trophy was again retained by The Orchard. The pairs finals winners were Tim Dangerfield & Phil West representing Minchinhampton.

Both Rodway (pairs) and Minchinhampton (Chairman’s day) were thanked for their hospitality hosting the competitions.

Minutes of 2012 A.G.M.  These were circulated prior to the meeting and as there were no issues to be discussed Thornbury proposed they be accepted and Rodway seconded therefore they were signed as a true record of the meeting.

The representative of Sherdons Richard Chatham arrived with apologies for his delay and explained the difficulties he had encountered this year with members of his club- and he was sorry that two fixtures had been forfeited, however the problems had been dealt with and all should be normal in future. The Chairman thanked him for his explanation.

Matters arising.  There were no matters arising.

Accounts. The treasurer handed around copies of the balance sheet for the year and explained that we had just kept our heads above water therefore he proposed the annual subscription be raised by £20 to £160 There were no objections from any club as all understood the problems with the current climate. Thornbury proposed this years accounts be accepted and also the increase in subscription. This was seconded by Sherdons and all clubs were in favour. The Chairman thanked Bob for his continual work with the accounts.

New team Applications.  No applications have been received.

Election of Officers for 2014  There were no propositions for any of the committee roles (as usual) so the current incumbents would carry on. However the Chairman explained he now spends quite some time abroad and suggested that it was time for another club to take on his role but was happy to carry on for another year. Minchinhampton proposed and Sherdons seconded that the current committee be re-elected this was carried unanimously.

The serving committee are:-

Chairman                                Mike Bostic (Thornbury)

League Co-ordinator Adrian Hands (Woodspring)

Treasurer                               Bob Perrott  (Woodspring)

Richard Chatham thanked the committee for their continued work on behalf of the league.

Ratification of Rules.  The only change this year will be the increase in the subscription voted on during the Treasurers report £140 to £160. Sherdons mentioned the increase in single figure handicaps thinking it was due to change this year. The Chairman confirmed it had changed last year and is now 5 per team.

Rule I will now read £160. 

Any other Business.  There was none.

Pairs finals venue 2014          The Orchard Sunday 22nd June

Chairman’s Day and champions presentation           Thornbury Sunday 28th September

Date of A.G.M. 2014.  This will be held at Thornbury commencing at 7-30 on Monday 10th November.

The Chairman closed the meeting by thanking both Adrian and Bob for their continued contribution to the running of the league; to Thornbury Golf Centre for their hospitality and particlarly to all clubs for their support and attendance. He wished everyone an enjoyable and successful season in 2014.

The meeting closed at 8-20pm.

Future dates for the Pairs Finals and Chairmans Cup as follows. 

                                            Pairs finals.

2014  The Orchard
2015  Woodspring
2016  Minchinhampton
2017  Thornbury
2018  Sherdons
2019  Canons Court

                                           Chairmans Day.

2014  Thornbury
2015  Sherdons
2016  Cannons Court
2017  Rodway
2018  The Orchard
2019  Woodspring

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