The Gloucestershire 4 Ball League.

General Format for the League as updated October 2008.


a.         Each match will consist of 6 Team Pairings - all games count and will be played on the accepted 4 Ball Better Ball Match play format off 3/4 handicap allowance. (Player with lowest handicap will play off of scratch - other players off 3/4 the difference between them and the scratch player.)


b.         Maximum Handicap allowance 20.  Players with a higher handicap may play - but only off handicap allowance of 20.

A maximum of 5 players with playing handicaps less than 10 will be permitted per match


c.         Whilst Juniors with a recognised Handicap may represent their Club at least one member of each pairing must be 18 or over on 1st January of that year.


d.         League Co-ordinator to be advised of result by e-mail in full within 48 hours by both teams.  (The Co-ordinator shall award each game within a match with one point - individual winning pairing 1 point, - 1/2point for each pairing in a draw and no point for loss. This scoring will be used in the event of a league tie - see below.)  The League scoring system applied by Co-ordinator as follows.  4 points for Away Win, 3 Points for Home Win, 2 points for Away Draw, 1 point for Home Draw. 


e.         If teams finish level on points the team with the best win / loss difference will be placed 1st.  If the teams are still level the result between the 2 teams will decide the positions, if still level a play off will be arranged A.S.A.P after the last game on a neutral course.


f.          Please note - Both teams to "email" scores to Adrian Hands within 48 hours.  Adrian's email address is


g.         A total team "no show" will result in the match being awarded in full to the opposing team.  A Team of less than 12 showing may be played as the captain wishes (2 against 1 or forfeiting a pair).


h.         Matches abandoned because of weather conditions or outside circumstances will be scored as per each individual pairing at the time of abandonment providing that all individual games have completed 9 holes.  Should a match be abandoned before this stage the match should be rearranged within 7 days and played within the time span of the league season.  If such is not possible, a halved match shall be recorded.

  1.  Subscriptions for the season will be £140 payable at the annual A.G.M. or posted to the Treasurer. (Bob Perrott, 5 Brakewell Gardens, Whitchurch, Bristol, BS14 0ER  -- tel 01275 837823)  This £140 shall include the league entry fee, entry fee for 2 pairs at the pairs final and 2 pairs to the end of season competition.


j.          All matches to be played on a home and away basis Courtesy of the course must be offered to the visiting team. All Matches to be completed by 31st August – (NO extension will be allowed.)


k.         Meals to be provided after the game at a maximum cost of £10.  Lighter meals at a reduced cost may be provided by agreement between both teams. Visiting team required to pay for 12 meals.


l.          The dress code for the league is generally casual but clubs who require a jacket and tie should liaise with opponents prior to matches. It has been agreed that players should not sit down to eat in the clothes they have played in


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